Dawning Horror


Dawning Horror is a set of 5 programmed adventures for Four against the Great Old Ones. In each adventure, you will control an Investigator and three Helpers who are facing supernatural horrors for the first time. Be it in a limestone mine in Indiana, in the cryptic gorges of Kentucky, in a Chicago museum, during an expedition to Antarctica, or in an isolated community on the Ramapo Mountains, your Investigator will find plenty of reasons to doubt their sanity and fear for their life! This expansion includes two new playable Investigators: the Archaeologist and the Redeemed Cultist. Dawning Horror also functions as a prequel to Four against the Great Old Ones, since some advantages you may gain can be transported to Four against the Great Old Ones in the form of Upgraded Investigators.

Prezzo Ganesha games: USD 10,00