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How to put images in the builders Date Created: 03/31/2016
if you ever wondered how to put images in the ASOBH Builder, here's how Ray (the builder'....
Our new kickstarter begins Date Created: 08/19/2015
Our HAMMER AND FORGE Kickstarter has just begun, ....
Unusual Dwarves Anyone? Date Created: 04/30/2015
As Fightin' Fungi nears completion, we start thinking of future projects. One will be to prod....
Selling off my miniatures Date Created: 04/01/2015
Thank You for Backing Us Date Created: 02/16/2015
So here we are. The finish line.  After tens of thousands of typed words, 30 night....
New art for Fighting Fungi Date Created: 02/12/2015
I just wanted to share some of the design work I am doing for Fightin' Fungi and its TBH supp....
Tales of The Sun-Kissed Vale Date Created: 02/08/2015
Fungus Spellcaster revealed Date Created: 02/07/2015
Here is a preview of the sculpt for the Rotten Heart spellcaster from the ....
New Figures for the Kickstarter! Date Created: 01/28/2015
Our Kickstarter is halfway through and we can show the sculpt for MATANAGAR. This model was speci....
Date Created: 01/28/2015
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