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Our miniature and book store that sells paperbacks and miniatures produced through Kickstarter

Alternative Armies, our authourized distributor for Europe

Our bookstore on Lulu

Books are printed on demand and shipped to your door. 

Our Store page on Paizo. Paizo is one of the world's leading gaming companies with a customer base of over 170,000 customers.

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Our author's page on Amazon You can buy Kindle versions and paperback versions of our games here, printed by Createspace, Amazon's excellent print on demand fulfiller.



Our Blogs, Forum, Pages and Yahoo Group


Ganesha Games/Song of Blades Facebook Group

Ganesha Games Yahoo Group

Song of Blades and Heroes blog

a collection of all the reviews of SBH that appear on the Internet

Song of Drums and Shakos blog

Sergio Laliscia's blog on all things Napoleonic

Daniel Mersey's blog with free Song of Arthur and Merlin scenarios

Ganesha Games Blog

Our old blog.

Antimatter Games

A wonderful-looking website for all things Shadowsea and DeepWars Towercap blog with Firebrand news



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Italian Language SDS Facebook Group




Miniature Manufacturers

Splintered Light Miniatures

 Exceptional fantasy, SF and historical 15mm miniatures


Eureka Miniatures

an incredible catalog covering many genres and scales


Rebel Minis

Exceptional 15mm SF models


Black Hat Miniatures

Producers of the "Dragon Kings" range that will be used as the basis for the Song of the Dragon Kings rules



Producers of the Quar miniature lines and of the Song of Our Ancestors stand alone licensed rulebook


Kremlin Miniatures

Producers of the "Power Spike" 15mm miniature line used as a basis for Assault on Neo Tokyo


Ramshackle Miniatures

28mm post-holocaust miniatures, just perfect for Mutants and Death Ray Guns



fine animal miniatures perfect for Familiars RPG; also, hundreds of inexpensive fantasy, modern and SF minis.


Khurasan Miniatures

fine 15mm and 28mm miniatures, working with Ganesha on a Mystri Island and a SF bughunting miniature games



producers of fine 6mm fantasy miniatures that are just perfect for Song of Armies and Hordes

fine 15mm models



Mapping Software and Paper Figures


 homepage of the Shuffler mapping software we used for Armageddon Hour


OneMonk Miniatures

homepage of the paper figures used in our boardgames



 Useful Links

The Miniatures Page

The hub of all things miniatures


Tabletop Gaming News

Fast growing news site about our hobby



The hub of boardgaming activity on the Net


Origins Games Fair

Home of GAMA and the Origins Award


Pimp my Gun

Flash application that enables you to build 2-D illustrations of various weapons from scratch.

We used if for some cards in Armageddon Hour and illustrations in Flying Lead.


Meeples and Miniatures

a brilliant podcast about our hobby. Episode 62 has a long interview with Rich Jones of Flying Lead fame.


Osprey Publishing Blog

Osprey did a review of Flying Lead


The WargameGuru

accurate, in-depth reviews of many of our games



Friends and Fans


First issue of Slayers RPG magazine (free Italian language webzine)


Lead Addicted

Massimo Moscarelli's blog


 The Way of the Wargamer

a new blog by Bayushiseni with some interesting Wild West FL variant rules


A Song of Blades and Heroes batrep on Mik's Minis Blog


A Fear and Faith zombie survival campaign, in 4 parts, by Ricardo of the Fantalonia blog


xavator's show

French blog with SDS review and pictures


Le Terrier

French Blog with SoBH content


Beasts of War

review of our games


Tactical Miniatures Gaming

shows us that it is possible to play SDS in 6mm!


The Orky 15mm

a nice wargaming blog by a SBH player


Bren's Wargaming


Leviathan War


Raskal Central

Site of our friend Pascal who translated SBH in French



The travelog of Mike Demana, SBH player, Dark-Age enthusiast


Boromir and Kermit's Hobby Page

Hobby page of Ben Boersma who wrote SFB and GR


La caverne de benoit

French language blog


El Rincon de Slorm

Spanish language blog


Kings Sleep

Wargaming blog with an Armageddon Hour review

French blog for Song games


hesperiana wargaming blog


Mik's Minis wargaming blog


Evil Git's Home of Tomfoolery Blog


Wee Blokes Blog

with a review of FL


Trees and Caves

a halfling cook tells the stories of his adventuring group using our RPG rules Tales of Blades and Heroes


Towercap Games Blog

The official Firebrnd blog with errata, batreps and information about the game


Castle by Moonlight Blog



Wargaming Clubs and Stores Using Our Rules


Forbidden Planet in Rome (a big store selling comics and games)


Les Vieux de la Vieille  French club, who helped us with the translation and layout of French-language SDS and MDS



WASP Wargame la Spezia, Italy


Esaedro Club,Trieste, Italy

SDS and SBH, 20 members


Village Games, Anoka, MInnesota, USA


Goblin Games, Goteborg, Sweden


Battlefield Berlin, Germany


Endgame, Oakland, USA


W.A.R. Wargames Association of Reading, UK

They play SBH, SDS and FF


Deeside Defenders Gaming Club

largest gaming club in North Wales, 70+ members, Thursday night 6.30pm till 10.00pm at The Broughton Wings Social Club


Feilding Miniature Wargames. 12 members, Saturday afternoon in Feilding NZ (SBH, MDRG and SDS;

contact Robert on toaster5sqnAThotmailDOTcom ).


Ludotheque nogent sur marne, France


Dinah Cat of Danger is a blog with lots of comic-book characters statted up for Power Legion.

Wargaming-rules is an interesting blog listing a ton of rules, and they have added entries for Battlesworn, SOBH and its supplements.