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CENTURIA is a wargame for 2+ players that lets you simulate battles in the Ancient Period.

The game uses the well-known Action/Reaction mechanism seen in other games by Massimo Torriani but now includes exciting new rules to better simulate the dynamics of ancient battles. Closing ranks at the right time, charging enemies when they are disordered and making the most of their hesitation to break their lines are just some of the tactics that you’ll find in these pages.

The system allows you to play with any scale of miniature and keeps the base sizes fixed while just changing the number of miniatures on them.

Each unit is described by a Training Value, a value that shows its prowess in Melee, an Armour Value and a number of losses that it can take.

The rules also contain three classic scenarios, Vanguard, Ambush and Sacking the Camp which will test your command skills.

The game is easy to learn and a normal game will last a couple of hours. Inside you can find 6 armies but you can download other 20 for free on this site.


Ganesha Games Price: USD 12,99