Challengers of the Great Beyond PDF


CALLING ALL GALACTIC HEROES! Challengers of the Great Beyond is a new skirmish game that uses the innovative Battlesworn mechanics to run space opera science fiction battles using ANY miniatures you already have. d6 based combat No complicated point system: use the 38 classes provided to describe any model 10 to 37 models needed, depending on the classes used -- each model is either a single character with multiple life points or part of a small squad where each trooper has 1 life point No measurements required -- models move in straight line, arresting their movement when they are intercepted by opponents or when the terrain changes -- you can play on any size of table Secret bidding system for initiative using a deck of common cards Rules fro solo play included Use any miniatures, in any scale - GRAB A BLASTER AND CHALLENGE THE GREAT BEYOND!

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00