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Demons visit the planet of Edell in a guise of gods and goddesses. They plot to subvert the nature of this world to suit their own kind. To do this, their human followers fight for control over the far north, where the magical light of a circumpolar star will deliver the land to a demonic tyrant.

The Game

Firebrand is a tabletop game based on the award-nominated Song of Blades and Heroes. It delivers consistent and intuitive gameplay with an original and engaging setting.


Setting. Firebrand presents an unconventional fantasy world where nothing is as it seems. Lead a clan of nomadic Swaryags into war across the island of Lythea and beyond. Expand your patron demon’s dominion, or renounce your master and fight to protect humanity from its own saints.

Map-based campaigns. Firebrand introduces a map-based campaign where each region will provide the player with different benefits. For example, capturing a town with a knightly order will allow you to enlist heavy cavalry, a village with a college of magic will let you hire a mage, and so on.

Orders. A new system of orders allows soldiers to retain cohesion and act as a single unit on the battlefield. Heroes and soldiers alike fall in line to march, charge and fire volleys when ordered.

Siege equipment. Cut swathes in enemy ranks using catapults and ballistas, dig trenches to funnel your opponent into explosive traps and strengthen your spell-casters by bringing solar furnaces to the battlefield.

Detailed magic system. Wizards, necromancers and telepaths will join your company, bringing with them spells beyond those available to an ordinary mage. The wizard will rain fire and lightning from every direction using powers of teleportation. The necromancer brings your opponent’s own soldiers back to life and places them under your control. The telepath subverts those yet living to your will.

50 pages plus covers full color PDF, with inksaving version

Firebrand is a stand alone book by Towercap Games, distributed by Ganesha Games. No additional purchase is necessary to play.

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