Twisted Dungeons PDF


Never venture in the same old dungeon again. Twisted Dungeons is a supplement for Four Against Darkness, suited for all levels of play, that will change your dungeons forever. It’s easy to use: just roll d88 (two eight-sided dice) as the adventure starts, and read the corresponding numbered entry. The book will inject unpredictable events and themes into your dungeon exploration: 64 dungeon complications, ranging from mosquito infestation to teleporting mirrors, from slippery tunnels carved out of ice to chambers with magic-enhancing properties. Most complications will come with interesting rewards, in experience or loot. Twisted Dungeons may be used alongside its companion volume, Twisted Minions, to create even more random variations. With a bit of common sense, it will work with any book in the Four Against Darkness line. Requires only the Four Against Darkness rulebook.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 3,99