Fortress of the Warlord PDF (English)


In these dark and Dangerous Times There are whispers in the night of a dark force gathering deep within the rainforest. Growing numbers of raiding orcs, trolls, and goblinkind go unchecked. It is up to you and your four adventures to take matters into your own hands. Will you prevail and bring peace and prosperity back to the land? Fortress of the Warlord is a classic fantasy solo campaign for Four Against Darkness, featuring: - Four different types of gameplay - Eighteen new spells - Forty-five new magic items - Ninety-six new monsters and variations of the classic ones - New Alchemy components with 6 new items to craft - New Arcane Tanning components with 6 new items to craft - New class: the swampling - New mount: the swamp ostrich - New weapon: the weighted net - New reactions: Sound the Alarm and Shifting Warp Requires Four Against Darkness and Four Against the Abyss. For a few table results, a copy of Wayfarers and Adventurers may be helpful but those results may be ignored without affecting the game. Note: a d12 (twelve sided die) is required to play this book.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 10,00