Wayfarers and Adventurers


Wayfarers and Adventurers features additional characters for Four Against Darkness. In its pages you will find: The Druid, master of natural forces; The Green Troll, immensely strong but dim-witted; The Martial Mystic, able to harness the power of chi and accessing occult knowledge; The Gnome, combining illusion and clockwork contraptions; The Wood Elf, master of the forests; Rules for Milestones and Character Traits; 25 new Spells; Two new weapons (boomerang and bolas); Two new animal companions (forest shadow and bearwolf); New equipment (leafsteel armor); An alternative table of minions for your dungeon adventures. This is not a stand alone game. To use this book, you need a copy of Four Against Darkness and Four Against the Abyss.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00