Four Against the Titans PDF


Olympos has fallen. Four Against the Titans is a pen and paper adventure game designed for solitaire or RPG-lite co-operative games. Set in ancient Greece in a time of myths and legends, players choose heroes from ten different character types to complete mighty quests and battle creatures such as centaurs, harpies and maenads, all in an attempt to defeat the titans and forestall the destruction of Greece. Based on the highly acclaimed Four Against Darkness series of dungeon delving adventures by Andrea Sfiligoi, Four Against the Titans is a standalone game. You don't require any other rule sets to play this game. All you need is a pencil, two dice, this book, and the luck of the gods! 68 pages PDF with plenty of illustrations, two color covers, one map of mythic Greece and a PDF of the play sheet included.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00