OGAM Celts Paperback


The first warp-spasm seized Cu Chulainn, and turned him into something monstrous, horrible and shapeless…

This supplement for Of Gods and Mortals delves deeper into the myths of the Celts. Within its pages you will find:

 More options for existing units, along with brief descriptions of their roles in Celtic history and mythology;

 Statistics and rules for six new Gods, 18 new Legends, and 10 new Mortal troop types, based on myths and folklore from across the Celtic world;

 Ten new traits, including a range of warrior-feats from the Irish sagas;

 Detailed rules for Celtic war-chariots;

 Optional warband lists to help you build a mythologically consistent warband;

 Allied forces for more force customization options;

 New scenarios, based on the greatest battles from the Celtic myths and sagas;

 A detailed bibliography for more information about the Celts and their gods.

Let the red rage descend, and feed the Morrigan’s crows with the bodies of your foes!

A copy of Osprey's Of Gods and Mortals is required to play.


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