Talespinner Issue 2


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Talespinner Issue 2


Talespinner is a collection of gaming materials for wargames and roleplaying games by Ganesha Games.

In this issue:
For Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG: 
Adventure: The Lady in the Emerald. Can our heroes rescue the lady and break the curse of the emerald?
Adventure: The Black Gem. Naked and weaponless, can our heroes survive a haunted graveyard?    
Two Troll NPCs    
Two Unique Magic Items     
Questions and Answers    
Spellcasting Lessons

For Song of Arthur and Merlin
Song of Kings and Knights campaign system
For Osprey Publishing's Of Gods and Mortals
Errata, Tournament Rules, FAQ, Clarifications
Tournament Formula     
Three scenarios used in the Italian tournaments

For Osprey publishing's A Fistful of Kung Fu
location trait rules for Glass and Marbles
Weapon rules for Smoke Bombs and Caltrops.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 4,99