Tactical Assault Fantasy Cards (pdf)


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Tactical Assault Fantasy Cards (pdf)


 The Tactical Assault: Fantasy Cards are a new and innovative way to approach your fantasy themed miniature gaming. The Fantasy Cards are designed to bring all the detailed elements of fantasy land warfare - including the fog of war - to the tabletop in a narrative card-driven format that is easy to play yet full of challenges. To be successful, you must be creative in your strategies, flexible in your tactics and attentive to the ever changing battlefield.

The Fantasy Cards can be utilized for just about any fantasy or pre-gunpowder historical setting, for any scale of miniatures, any sized battlefield and for any size of battle - ranging from the smallest skirmish action all the way up to massive army sized endeavors.

In addition, the unique structure of the game allows for adjustable battle length, fluid turn sequence, creative scenario design and easy campaigns. The Fantasy Cards can even be played in a point-based competitive tournament or league format as well.

Included are two PDF files - one provides the complete rules, and the other provides all of the card sheets needed to make a complete Fantasy Cards deck.


Ganesha Games Price: USD 11,99