Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters (PDF)


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Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters (PDF)Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters (PDF)Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters (PDF)Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters (PDF)



Have you ever watched one of those shows? You know the ones… a group of uncommonly attractive, angst-ridden teenagers (all with unlikely “relationship problems”). They juggle going to College with fighting a town full of hellish monsters, while still managing to get their assignments done… and of course dealing with the “relationship problems” they will forget about two minutes after leaving Campus!

Then this supplement is for you!

Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters is a lighter take on the Horror genre. In this supplement, the good guys are on a much better footing. The forces of evil need to fear those among their prey who are willing to risk all to face them in the dark of the night… especially if they fight monsters with a sword in one hand and a pizza slice in the other!

Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters features new rules, abilities and weapons, including:
Vampires that burst into flames and crumble to dust;
An all new system of Awesome Magic… but beware unleashing your dark impulses!
New rules for comedy sidekicks… what better way to lure a monster out than with a hopeless victim?
Enjoy hurling a little over the table smack-talk? Why not getcredit for it when your hero has a Smart Mouth!
Or perhaps you would like to inject a little romance with the new rule for love interests?
Get on your bike or jump on your skateboard and bring the pain to the monsters while on wheels.
Has there ever been a game where success might depend on whether you’re wearing designer shoes or killer heels? Well now there is!

This supplement also contains:
Over 30 new Special Rules compatible with other Ganesha Games products
All new scenarios and battles, compatible with Fear & Faith
Over a dozen setting specific advances to keep your monster hunting campaign from getting too serious
Over 100 new profiles for monsters and monster hunters

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00