The Dreadful Dozen PDF


The Dreadful Dozen Twelve Detailed Foes for Four Against Darkness,for characters of any level Foes Like You Have Never Seen Before This book includes statistics, background info, tactics,and secrets of twelve of the most unusual creatures of Norindaal, suited for parties of all experience levels. Each monster has an illustration, unique reaction tables, loot, and story hooks to bring them into your games of Four Against Darkness. You will meet zombie wereshark hare-men, cactus men, forest guardians (like the Yadals, Kabuk, and the Chabuma), elemental minions like the fire-and-ice wielding Coal-Hearted Men, CandleWax Golems, undead terrors like Lila the hellfire girl and Neriya the handless fiddler, or the haunting Maze-Maker.

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