Armageddon Hour (PDF)


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Armageddon Hour (PDF)


Armageddon Hour is a solo boardgame that pits your character, the mutant hunter Frazer, against a horde of mutants. You have a gun, limited ammo and one hour of time to storm a mutant hideout and kill the mutant boss before he sets off a bomb. You play with a stopwatch or a chess timer, and have exactly one hour of real time to finish the game. If you don’t complete your mission in time, the bomb explodes and you lose!

The pdf edition of this game includes a rulebook, paper figures, equipment cards, skill cards, profile cards, profile sheet and six flooplans. Just print them out, cut them out and add dice! You’ll need at least 4 six-sided (regular) dice to play this game. Rules by Ganesha Games, floorplans by Paper Make IT!, and paper miniatures by One Monk.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 12,00

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