Furies of the Barrens RPG paperback


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Furies of the Barrens RPG paperbackFuries of the Barrens RPG paperbackFuries of the Barrens RPG paperbackFuries of the Barrens RPG paperbackFuries of the Barrens RPG paperback


WARNING: This RPG mentions adult themes (sex, slavery, drug abuse, violence). Parental discretion is recommended. NOT FOR CHILDREN. 


87 pages, black and white paperback

Hidden in their towering eyries, near-omnipotent Overlords rule over the Barrens, a rocky desert that was once a fertile land. Armed with psychotronic mind-control devices, they wage petty wars against each other, mustering armies of slaves, monsters, and lab-created humanoids. Scattered communities of Oms, Sluggors, Splitters, Starheads, Lotus Eaters, Blackbills, Spinetails, Goatfolk, Crystal Eyes, White Scales, Redclaws, Fire-Belchers, and Grafters, eke out a bare existence on limited supplies of food and water. But some refuse to live like this. Some dream of lush lands beyond the Barrens. They become outcasts, reavers, explorers, adventurers. They become the Furies of the Barrens.

Furies of the Barrens is a traditional, pen-and-paper role-playing game by Andrea Sfiligoi, based on the Black Hack by David Hack. No other books are required to play. 


Traditional: One GM, many players, each running a character described by a character class
Player-Facing: Only the players roll dice
d20 based: All actions are determined by the roll of a single d20
Roll-low: Players are asked to roll UNDER their attribute score to succeed 
Level-Based: PCs level up, increasing their hit points and Attribute scores as they do so
Familiar Attributes: PCs are described by the familiar attributes of the first role-playing game
Rules-Light: Players can learn the basic mechanics in ten minutes: the GM is encouraged to improvise
Unusual setting: Over 14 character classes in a survival science fantasy setting in spired by underground comics of the '70s.
One short adventure playable in a single session is provided.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 11,00