IACOTO 1- the Lizardfolk


 IACOTO, In A Class Of Their Own, is a series of playable character classes for Labyrinth Lord (tm) and other First Edition retroclones.

This is a series of short essays presenting new, challenging ways to play the world's oldest roleplaying game. Every essay is 5 to 8 pages long and introduces a new playable PC class and additional materials to be used by game masters and players alike. When we have enough articles, we will collect them in a hardback and a softcover edition. 

The Lizardfolk turns one of the most popular original monster into a playable racial class. Armed with reptilian senses, a skin that becomes tougher and tougher with age and a deadly war adze, a Lizardfolk can strike fear into any opponent.

Included: Lizardfolk player character class, Lizardfolk rite of passage, new weapon(adze), new magic items, two new monsters, and a mini setting.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 1,20