IACOTO 1- the Staffmaster


 IACOTO, In A Class Of Their Own, is a series of playable character classes for Labyrinth Lord (tm) and other First Edition retroclones.

This is a series of short essays presenting new, challenging ways to play the world's oldest roleplaying game. Every essay is 5 to 8 pages long and introduces a new playable PC class and additional materials to be used by game masters and players alike. When we have enough articles, we will collect them in a hardback and a softcover edition. 

The Staffmaster demonstrates that the humblest of weapons can be the deadliest. Armed only with quarterstaff, club, or shillelagh, the Staffmaster can draw power from the type of wood used for his weapon and defeat any opponent.

Included: Staffmaster player character class, powers of wood, new weapon(Shillelagh), new magic items, a new monster, and two ready-to-run staff wielding NPCs.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 1,20