Flying Lead (PDF)


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Flying Lead (PDF)Flying Lead (PDF)Flying Lead (PDF)


If your gaming involves guns, guts and glory, you’ll want this ruleset. This is the CORE book for all modern gaming with the Song of Blades rules engine.

It will be expanded by sourcebooks ( for example, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet-Nam, Pulp and ultra-modern are planned). Written by Rich Jones and Andrea Sfiligoi, 48 page PDF.

As the “guns” genre is pretty wide and players will use Flying Lead for many different things, the PDF is offered with two different covers, one more suggestive of historical military actions, the other more “action movie” oriented. Use the one you prefer!

You'd better duck... Lead is Flying!

Flying Lead can be used to play tabletop actions in a wide range of genres. From gang warfare to pulp action, from military operations to black-clad assassins, Flying Leadsupplies furious fun at bullet speed! Lead a gang of mobsters,  play cops vs crooks, or enter the brutal world of covert special operations and espionage. 

But will you have the guts to lead your force to glory in world where a street punk or an armed fanatic can blow you away as effectively as a trained soldier? 
Pick your force, roll those dice and find out! 

Flying Lead takes the award winning Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics into, and even beyond, the modern world of high-powered projectile weapons. These core rules will enable you to play using a small table area and a handful of figures. By using our online force, weapon and vehicle generators, players will be able to customize their characters and get playing straight away. 

Inside these covers you will find rules for: 
hand-to-hand and ranged combat;
vehicular combat;
projectile weapons;
profiles for cops, crooks,  the Mafia, pulp characters, SWAT teams, Special Ops and WW2 soldiers, insurgents, terrorists, and more.

Flying Lead will be supported by a series of supplements providing campaign rules and scenarios, covering different periods and genres, from WWI to the near future. 

So don’t waste any more time, grab those figures and dice, and watch out for the Flying Lead!

Flying Lead is also available in on the Amazon Kindle:

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00