Batreps and Walkthroughs

 Here we will post some batreps and walkthroughs of our games so you can see what they are about before you buy.

Most of these are Song of Blades and Heroes but all of our games use the same (or very similar) mechanics, so you get the idea of how they play.


Phreed's Battle Reports and Campaigns:

Pyramid Campaign battle 1

Pyramid Campaign battle 2

Pyramid campaign battle 3

Zombie Horde battle


Phreed's Stillburg campaign, narrative campaign (ongoing)

Scenario 1, Stirrings in the burial grounds:  

Scenario 2, Badwater brouhaha:

Scenario 3, Dead of night


Chicago Skirmish Wargames


Flashing Steel batrep on Glenbrook Games


SDS Indian Mutiny Skirmish Batrep from Birmingham Wargaming Society


 DSLB Test Scenario (French)

DSLB scenario at a convention (French text, lots of images)


Wee Blokes Blog

SBH batreps on Wee Blokes

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Flying Lead batrep


Aleksandar Saranac's BattReps blog with SDS battles


Song of Blades Batrep on SuperGalacticDreadnought


SBH Photo-based batrep on Google Plus (Click on the photos and read the comments)


SGD Dungeon Delve on Deep Dark Dungeons


SBH Batrep: Dwarves fight for possession of magic gems (French with English subtitles)


 A halfling cook recounts his group's adventures in a Tales of Blades and Heroes campaign. 


Atelier de Ghost. French language SBH batrep

The same batrep by another participant (French)

A Firebrand solo batrep on Wilson's wargaming. Lots of nice pics!

Song of Blades and Heroes Batrep on Lead Adventure Forum

Song of Blades and Heroes Batrep (two battles) on The Monkey That Walks

Another SBH batrep on the Monkey That Walks

A long SBH batrep on Wilson's Wargaming

SDS Batrep on Northern Wargaming (long, lots of nice pics)

Halloween-themed SBH battle on 1000 Foot General (great pics)