Lost Temples of Qaarra PDF


The Lost temples of Qaarra Await! Over a century has passed since the catastrophe of Qaarra and the abandonment of its temples. The memories of these temples have faded to legends written on dusty scrolls. Adventurers could gain wealth and fame by journeying into the lost temples. However, who knows what mysteries and dangers might lurk there! Lost Temples of Qaarra is a supplement for Four Against Darkness, featuring: ? New d66 dungeon tiles. ? New room features. ? Lower dungeon floor levels. ? New mechanics for Stairs, Scrying Pools, Altars. ? New magic items including the Rod of Resurrection. ? New monsters: tainted aspect, crystal guardian, hairy mimic, meat-eating moss, flying reptiles, temple automatons, cursed corpse, archdaemon, stone terror, gigantic gorilla, temple cleaner, cursed priest and more! ? A new Final Boss type, the temple guardian. ? New traps, scrolls, secrets and treasure. ? Hardcore play rules for die-hard players. ? Two new classes: the artificer and the crystalmancer. This is not a stand-alone game. It requires Four Against Darkness and Four Against the Abyss.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00