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Forged in Blood is a “Big Skirmish” wargame for the Pike and Shot period. Play raids, ambushes and reconnaissance missions, foraging parties, baggage supply raids, and attacks on isolated outposts and vulnerable gun positions. MID SCALE: an army is 60 to 70 single based figures; SMALL AREA: a 4’x4’ or a 3’x3’ table; CAMPAIGN GENERATOR: follow a chosen band through linked encounters; TROOP CHARACTERISTICS: identify your units with historically meaningful descriptions; CHARACTER TRAITS: import heroes from Flashing Steel or create them from scratch RULES: for lighting fires, grenades, demolitions and more! ARMY LISTS: sample lists with variations for early and late 30YW, Spanish, French, Early and Late Swedish, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Wallachian, Moldavian and Transylvanian, Ottoman, English Civil War, Covenanters, and Irish. FULLY DESCRIBED SCENARIO: with full unit descriptions to give you a head start QUICK REFERENCE SHEETS. This is a stand alone product. You do not need any other books to play.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00