Warlike Woes PDF


Warlike Woes is a supplement for Four Against Darkness, for parties of level 2+. It features a host of new monsters, potions, reactions, rules for gambling, new equipment, herbal remedies, a sample dungeon, and even new room shapes. 30 pages PDF Featuring: Halfling Highwaymen, Jabbering Jackalopes, Sneezing Sporelings, Wanton Wenches, Jarring Jackals, Putrefied Penitents, Egregious Elves, Naughty Nixies, Sickening Swine-Men, Boozer Bandits, Dumb Dogs, Ostrichian Knights, Wary Witchhunters & Warhounds, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Flail Slug, Penguin-Bear, Landshark, Assassin Bugs, Chaotic Pillar of Flesh, Goblinogre, Ettin, Crying Angel of Peace, Quarterlich, Cyclops, Lesser Mykityad, Hags of the Deep, Mummified Kobold Guardians, Scissor Monsters, Elephant Men, Frozen Abyssal Shades, Raiders, Kobold Scouts, and a Lair Feature table that will change forever your Final Boss encounters in Four Against Darkness.

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