The Courtship of the Flower Demons PDF


A Gorgeous Realm of Gardens and Alluring Maidens The Blossoms' Demesne is a beautiful demonworld, rich in harvesting materials for brewing potions. Here, time is immaterial and wealth is won through love, not war. But its enigmatic ruler, the fay-like Blue-Haired Queen of Flowers, hides a terrible secret... and many are the visitors who never want to come back. The Courtship of the Flower Demons is both a game supplement and a solo adventure for Four Against Darkness, featuring: - Over 110 magic potions and the recipes to craft them - Complete rules for harvesting ingredients from monster organs - New classes: the Alchemist, the Conservationist and the lustful Satyr - A system that upgrades monsters based on your highest level character - Wooing rules, a system for seduction with tactical options - Two new mechanics, Melancholy and Mesmerizing - A new, lovely but deadly pocket universe, ripe with mysteries to unearth - Six encounter tables, with foes to be either fought or seduced - New Blossoms spells, gifts and magic items - Options for revisiting your usual games - such as wooing medusas and misdirecting gremlins! Requires only the core Four Against Darkness book but compatible with Four Against the Abyss. For characters of any level. 105 page PDF. Paperback version ($12.99) available soon. Age 13+: Contains mature themes and nude art.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00