Treasure Hunters of Charlemagne PDF


PDF, color covers and 40 pages- Solo adventure for 4AD playable in 1-2 hours

AD 790. The Roman Empire is a distant memory. Europe is gripped by endless warfare. In these desperate times arises King Charles of the Franks. Wishing to unite the lands and end the senseless slaughter, the King sends secret agents to find supernatural artifacts, like the fabled  Spear of Destiny. 

Many of these agents never return, perishing at the hands of weird beasts and unspeakable perils. 

Historians would record that mighty battles forged the realm of King Charles, later known as Charlemagne. The truth instead is that brave parties of adventurers, the intrepid secret agents of the King, are the ones who secured the new empire.

To play this adventure, you need copies of Four Against Darkness and Four Against the Abyss.

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