Pequot War Scenario Book PDF


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Pequot War Scenario Book PDFPequot War Scenario Book PDF


Pequot War Scenario Book PDF

34 pages, black and white

Wargame Scenarios Retelling the story of the Pequot War in New England, July 1636 to September 1638 

Refight the Pequot War in 12 Scenarios!

Scenarios with maps, orders of battle, special rules, and victory points
Narrative retelling of the History by stages of the war through scenario introductions
New or modified Traits to Song of Drums and Tomahawks for this war
More detailed rules for early blackpowder weapons
Map charting the location of battles of the Pequot War
Campaign rules for two sides to refight the war and determine victory

Written for Song of Drums and Tomahawks but easily adapted to other game systems.

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