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Axe and Brimstone PDFAxe and Brimstone PDFAxe and Brimstone PDF


A narrative campaign for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, Axe and Brimstone pits demonic dwarves (the Possessed) against the halflings of Elvenfell. In its pages, you will find: 
Background information and profiles for the Possessed, demon-worshipping Dwarves who aim to unleash their dark masters upon Norindaal. 
The valiant, peaceful Halflings who oppose them. 
A complete campaign in five scenarios. 
Plenty of new Traits: hellfire weapons, possession, exorcism, and much more. 
14 new spells, from Demonic Harpoon to Wall of Holy Light. 
Rules for food magic and wisewomen’s remedies. 
Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes profiles for all characters, including Possessed Dwarves, Demons, Halflings. Fungus Men, Dwarves, and Dolmen Warriors.


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