Knight of Destiny PDF


Knight of Destiny is an Arthurian adventure for a single character, a questing paladin, using the Four Against Darkness rules. Your character can also hire retainers along the way, enlisting men-at-arms, merchants, and other travellers to help him in his quest for the Grail.

The Kingdom is in decay. Lancelot has left and King Arthur has fallen
ill. Traitor knights, led by Morgana and her unholy child Mordred have
rebelled. Only the Grail can heal Arthur and end the evil, but it is a
race against time. The traitors are hunting paladins to stop the quest.
If the Grail is not found in time, all will be lost to darkness…

This adventure requires no mapping. It includes rules for paladins (and guidelines to use them in your standard Four Against Darkness games), Arthurian magic items, and random tables to generate inns, encounters, quests, and even the names of characters met.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 2,00