Wild West Chronicles PDF


This easy-to-learn and intuitive game system will soon have you simulating gunfights between Outlaws, raids along the Mexican border, Indian ambushes and many other situations that are so typical of the Far West. These rules include army lists for Desperados, Texas Rangers, Lawmen, Outlaws, Townspeople and Indians. Each model has a points value that depends on his skills and weaponry so you can create well-balanced scenarios that all the players can enjoy.

 The use of tables has been reduced to a minimum and the whole system revolves around the addition and subtraction of six-sided dice. There are three standard scenarios inside:

The Gunfight, the rescue and the Ambush!

There is also a simple system to help you track the Experience of your squads from one gunfight to another. If you enjoy the Wild West setting then this game is for you!

Ganesha Games Price: USD 9,90