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Heroes of the Tales pdfHeroes of the Tales pdfHeroes of the Tales pdfHeroes of the Tales pdfHeroes of the Tales pdfHeroes of the Tales pdf


Heroes of the Tales is a supplement for Tales of Blades and Heroes.

This book offers new advanced special rules for creating characters in the Tales of Blades and Heroes fantasy roleplaying game. These options focus on combat and action-oriented abilities, and can be used by players and GMs alike. 

Create deadly fighters with new rules such as Axe Mastery, Sword Mastery, Flurry of Blows, Stunning Blow, Mace Mastery, and the Way of the Bow;
Master black-powder weapons with skills such as Deadshot, Marksman, Overloader, Opportunity Shot, and Rapid Reload;
Become a leader of men with Tactical Leader;
Learn new weapon skills, such as Man-Catcher, Bolas, Katana, Rapier, Quarterstaff, Throwing Knife, Maul, Gauntlet Sword, War Club, and Buckler;
Design a better unarmed combatant with new martial arts skills such as Brawling, Fisticuffs, Follow-Up Spin Kick, Haymaker Punch, and One-Two;
Mix a little magic into your combats with Dragonblood, Faithful Weapon, and Arrow Enchanting.
Heroes of The Tales includes:
over 60 new special rules;
five new monsters; and
an updated NPC creation summary.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00