Talespinner Issue 1


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Talespinner Issue 1Talespinner Issue 1Talespinner Issue 1Talespinner Issue 1


 Talespinner is a magazine dedicated to roleplaying games published by Ganesha Games (Tales of Blades and Heroes, Familiars RPG). Playable materials are double-statted for Labyrinth Lord (tm) so they can be used by players of "Old School" games. In this issue:

Three short fantasy adventures ("The Crystal Heart", "Knock on Wood", and "The Crumbling Tower", all for low-power player-characters);
Swimming Rules for TBH;
New character types for Familiars RPG;
Monster Menagerie: Swamp Trolls (for TBH and LL);
The Martial Artist archetype for TBH;
Sneak Peek: Heroes of the Tales (TBH supplement);
Alternative Initiative rules for TBH;
Submission guidelines.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 4,99

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