Tales of Beasts and Perils Volume One PDF


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Tales of Beasts and Perils Volume One PDF


Become a creator of worlds! 

Tales of Beasts and Perils is a gamemaster's guide to writing and running adventures for the Tales of Blades and Heroes fantasy roleplaying game. It includes rules and guidelines for:
Secret Knowledge rolls;
Timing and pacing an adventure;
Rewarding players with experience, Hero points, and loot;
Creating magic items;
Dangers of the world, including traps, poison, disease, falling damage, curses, slimes, jellies, molds, fear, and encounters with dangerous beasts and humanoids;
New special rules to create monsters;
Monsters and foes, including detailed profiles for unicorns, dark unicorns, dragons, iron devourers, giant spiders, chimeras, Coroimba savages, Undead, and humanoids;
Guidelines for balancing encounters;
Sample special rules for typical fantasy races; and
a point cost summary of all the abilities featured in Tales of Blades and Heroes and Tales of Beasts and Perils.

This PDF version comes in a full color, 47 page illustrated version; an inksaving version with all illustrations and page backgrounds removed; and an inksaving, compressed version (just the rules in a smaller type so you can print them saving both ink and paper).

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