The Stygian Depths PDF


 The Stygian Depths is a supplement for the 28mm scale miniatures game ShadowSea, taking warbands deep underground to battle in predator-infested caverns and ancient dungeons of serpent-men and their demonic allies.  The game utilizes full-color map tiles, included in the rulebook, to map out the twists and turns of the catacombs.

The Stygian Depths is a full-color PDF file with 92 pages of dungeon exploration, requiring the ShadowSea main rulebook.
The rulebook comes as a full-color PDF file with 92 pages of dungeon exploration, requiring the ShadowSea main rulebook.  Price is $9.99 USD.
1. NEW CREATURES: Many new creatures are presented, living deep in the Stygian Depths, ready to consume the unwary adventurer.
2. PLAY TOGETHER OR SOLO: Players take their warbands into the dungeons and compete against the Game Master, who controls the layout of the map tiles and the actions of all of the stygian enemies.  The game can also be played solo or warband vs. warband, randomly building the map and generating encounters.
3. WARBAND PROGRESSION: Warbands increase in power as they recover treasure and magic artifacts from the darkness.  Upgrade individual models or the entire warband for the next adventure or for a campaign in ShadowSea.
4. FULL COLOR MAP TILES INCLUDED: A full set of cavern and dungeon tiles are included in the book so that players can simply print them out on paper or cardstock and get to gaming.  There are 20 different cavern tiles with small rooms and corridors and one big lair tile.  Dungeon tiles include 16 different corridors and rooms, and a large tile for lairs and bigger chambers.
5. NEW MAGIC SPELLS: Elder magic spells can be cast from dusty tomes to imprison souls, make mirror images during combat, or turn enemies to wisps of dust.  Alchemists create elixirs and tonics to help a model's abilities or cause debilitating trauma.  Dreamwalkers can predict the plans of the enemy and interrupt their actions, and can shift reality to make their warband fade from view.
6. TREASURE!  The Stygian Depths hold many secrets, and adventurers can discover new elder magical items to add to their arsenal of ether technology.  Find many types of magical books, wands, staves, rings and weapons that can help send enemies back to the pits from whence they spawned.
7. NEW RECRUITS: Each of the six main forces of ShadowSea get new recruits with specialized skills to help battle in the darkness.  New list of demons to torment adventuring warbands, or to be summoned by those learning the secrets of elder magic.
8. FLEXIBLE DESIGN: The rules can be modified to use in other games based on the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset.  Play with whatever 28mm scale miniatures are on hand or with official Dragonblood miniatures from Cavalcade Wargames.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 9,99