Song of Deeds and Glory PDF


 Fight for Gold and Glory!

Song of Deeds and Glory is an expansion for the popular Song of Blades and Heroes miniatures rules.  It features all the rules and guidelines needed to run extended campaigns, taking warriors from green recruits to grizzled veterans.  Now players can send their warbands on the path to conquest and carve out their own territories!
This book includes rules such as:
Territories: own land, defend it from usurpers, or launch raids on your neighbors
Scenarios: a multitude of new combat situations
The aftermath of battle: will your heroes live or be horribly crippled?
Exploration: find strange and useful treasure and visit exotic, dangerous locales
Shopping: use your warband’s hard-earned gold to purchase the finest gear or hire the services of experts
Development: watch your characters grow as they survive new battles.  Boost their stats, train them in new skills, or send them on personal quests
Special rules: 15 exciting new powers such as Immortal, Enchanter, and Illusionist
Rosters:  36 new creatures such as the Minotaur Skeleton, the Dwarf Gunner, Insectoids, Automatons, and the powerful Kryxxtendrella, Queen of Dragons!

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00