Odin Unleashed Date: 09/30/2013  

 The spend total for the Of Gods and Mortals nickstarter has gone over 2000 GBP so we now have Odin.

On Osprey-related news, my second wargame written for the Osprey Wargame Series, "A Fistful of Kung Fu" is going to the printer. It will be available on February 18th, and all copies ordered from our site will be signed and stamped (I have a Chinese seal with my name in Chinese script which I will be using for this purpose).

I am working on preparing stuf for the Lucca comics and games convention at the end of October. Among other stuff, I will demo (and hopefully sell) Of Gods and Mortals, BattleSworn, Samurai Robots Battle Royale and the Italian-language version of the Don't Walk in Winter Wood RPG by Clint Krause, that Ganesha has translated for the Italian market.

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