Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG (PDF)


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Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG (PDF)Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG (PDF)Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG (PDF)Tales of Blades and Heroes RPG (PDF)



Tales of Blades and Heroes is a fast-playing, uncomplicated set of fantasy rpg rules based on the origins-nominated song of blades and heroes miniature rules. Its key features are:
  • Minimal bookkeeping;
  • A character sheet that fits on a 3x5” index card;
  • D6 based skill and action system;
  • Simple enough for newcomers, yet sophisticated enough to satisfy expert players;
  • No classes or levels: create any character with a point system;
  • Combat is based on a single d6 roll and damage tables: play faster, meaningful battles where your tactical decisions matter;
  • Play with miniatures, counters or paper figures;
  • Online support via the song of blades yahoo group and an active community of players and creators;
  • Story and character-based rewards: gain experience for being imaginative and playing in character;
  • No spells to memorize: the freeform magic system encourages ingenuity and lets you create any magical effects through the combination of power words.


Note: this book has all you need to begin playing, but we are working on a GM’s book, Tales of Beasts and Perils.


What is a Role-playing game?

In pen-and-paper Roleplaying games (RPGs for short)a group of people sit around a table to play a game and tell a story at the same time. One player, the Game Master, “runs” the game, preparing a scenario which is like an open-ended story. The other participants play the main characters in the story, trying to solve the puzzles and defeat the opponents that the GM has prepared for them. Dice, miniatures and other props are used to see if the actions of the characters are successful.

This is not a computer or online game. This is a book that you read to learn some simple and fast rules that you use during roleplaying sessions, sitting around a table with your friends.


Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00