Mighty Monsters (PDF)


Mighty Monsters is our giant monster combat ruleset. This is a set of fast-playing giant monster combat rules in the tradition of the Japanese giant monster movies. Create your colossal monsters and stomp the city, tear down buildings, destroy whole armies with your radioactive breath. Mighty Monsters includes rules for monster types such as Blobs, Giant robots, Giant Tokusatsu Heroes and Alien Invasion Forces, and enough pre-designed monsters to start playing immediately. You can even play the Army!

You can play a single monster vs monster or “monster team” battles. In the average “team” battle a player controls 3 or 4 monsters, but it is also possible to play just one and there’s a “Duel” scenario just for that.

The monster creation rules let you create a monster from the ground up, choosing a Q and C score for every part of the monster’s body. Think of a monster as a “warband” in SBH, but to move you activate the monster’s “legs” (or pseudopods, wings, whatever), to grapple an opponent you activate its arms, and so on. Ranged attacks are linked to the body part that “shoots” them. For example, if you want to use your giant lizard’s Radioactive Breath, you activate its Head.

If you play the Army, or the Superscience Team, you get a number of infantry bases that you can move around the battlefield with coherency rules (they must stay within a certain distance from each other).

Monsters do not have “hit points” but are much more durable than normal characters in “Song” games. Basically, as a monster gets wounded and weaker, the player uses colored dice (yellow for light wounds and red for more serious wounds) for activation rolls. For example, a fresh monster will use up to three “white” dice, and a slightly hurt or tired monster will maybe use one yellow and two white dice. When the colored dice fail on an activation roll, the monster suffers some kind of effects from his wounds (yellow dice cause this only on the roll of a 1, and red dice on any failure).

Giant robots are designed like other monsters. They are unaffected by psychological effects like going berserk or being intimidated, and might explode when severely damaged.

We are working on a book titled Samurai Robots Battle Royale, which will focus on giant robots (we are anime fans here!). SRBR will be a stand-alone book but it will be compatible with Mighty Monsters.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00