More Drums and Shakos (PDF)


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More Drums and Shakos (PDF)More Drums and Shakos (PDF)More Drums and Shakos (PDF)More Drums and Shakos (PDF)More Drums and Shakos (PDF)More Drums and Shakos (PDF)


More Drums & Shakos is a supplement for the 2009 Origins Award-winning Napoleonic skirmish game Song of Drums and Shakos. It includes new rules, special rules, weapons, 4 scenarios and army lists for most Nations involved in the Napoleonic wars.
* Rules for extreme weather conditions, mixed nationality squads and former allies
* Fight the War of 1812, the Tyrolean rebellion of 1809 and the bitter struggle of the French and their allies against Guerrillas in Spain!
* New weapons such as tomahawk, javelins, pikes and daggers
* New special rules to better depict irregulars
* 4 scenarios, with rules for artillery fire and a generic task system for sappers and engineers
* Army lists for 28+ Nations: from Anhalt to Wurttemberg, foreign regiments in French and allied service, Partisans and Native Americans.

This book is not a stand alone game. You need a copy of Song of Drums and Shakos to play.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 8,00