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Fightin\' Fungi PDFFightin\' Fungi PDFFightin\' Fungi PDFFightin\' Fungi PDF


An incarnation of the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish rules — with a side serving of mushrooms. This stand-alone miniatures game features:
●    Plenty of special rules including weapon-based and martial arts traits;
●    A detailed magic system with 36 spells;
●    Hundreds of ready-to-play profiles, with a point system to add your own;
●    A dedicated 28mm miniatures line; 
●    A unique setting in a valley populated by mushroom creatures.

Produced through Kickstarter with the help of over 290 backers and supporters, Fightin' Fungi is the first line of miniatures produced by Ganesha.

 The miniatures are available on and (for Europe and the UK) through Alternative Armies.

Ganesha Games Price: USD 10,00