Hearts & Minds (PDF)


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Hearts & Minds (PDF)Hearts & Minds (PDF)


This inaugural Theatre of War supplement for Flying Lead takes the players to arid deserts and lush ‘Green Zone’ of Afghanistan. Fought over for centuries by major powers, the scene of the Soviet’s ‘Vietnam’ it is now the UN’s ‘Front Line’ and the key to winning the ‘war on terror’. Troops from all around the world form the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and work together to bring stability to the region.

Hearts & Minds is a detailed supplement for Flying Lead:

Interact with the locals, gain their trust, drive out the oppressive Taliban and win their ‘Hearts & Minds’. 14 scenarios, force advancements and campaign rules let the players wrestle for control of vital areas.

New rules and mechanics add detail and grit to the core rules. Expanded and enhanced combat and vehicle rules and the new ‘Joys of War’ cards add suspense and uncertainty to the ‘historical’ setting.

Force-specific rules, new abilities and force rosters combine with rules for the latest ISAF advanced technology and equipment to enable the ISAF player to fight against the Taliban – a tough, often fanatical and ruthless enemy.

In conjunction with Battlegames Magazine, Rich and Andrea are contributing $2 per copy sold to the Combat Stress Appeal, helping those who gave up so much helping us!

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