Unusual Dwarves Anyone? Date: 04/30/2015  

As Fightin' Fungi nears completion, we start thinking of future projects. One will be to produce unique dwarves for the SBH world. There will be many factions and some will be very unconventional compared to the typical 'Norse' stereotype.

One faction is the outcasts, Dwarves who have been expelled from their underground homes and mining lifestyle. They now live above ground and could be consider 'barbarians'. Many shave their beard and hair as a symbol of their status as outcasts.

Below is a sculpt for this faction. I would very much appreciate feedback. Can you accept a departure from the established cliche? Do dwarves need beards to be a dwarf? Is this something you would want in your collection? All feedback is valuable.

  Reply Date: 04/30/2015  
From: Jeffery Baker
I like alternative versions of the typical fantasy tropes. It would be nice to have more background details about these 'Outcasts', helps to clarify their appearance in relation to their new status as 'above ground barbarians'. Is shaving their beards/hair a reason similar to the Dwarf Slayers of Warhammer Fantasy?
  Dwarf mini Date: 04/30/2015  
From: Marc Gacy
This is nice. This figure can also do double duty as a Dark Sun Dwarf (who also are know to shave, although I don't remember their reason, maybe the desert environment?). Too many dwarves is never enough! - Marc
  Reply Date: 05/13/2015  
From: Ed Kowalczewski
That is sharp looking! The fur on the cloak looks wonderfully shaggy, and the facial detail is great.
  Reply Date: 05/23/2015  
From: Wayne Peacock
I am all-in for norse-alternate dwarves, although I think any dwarf book needs to have a more standard (not boring) take on dwarves.
  Reply Date: 05/23/2015  
From: andrea sfiligoi
Of course there will be profiles for your standard "norse" dwarves - heavy infantry, shieldwall abilities etc. The rules as always are kept as generic and universal as possible, so you can use your pre-existing figures, hopefully alongside the figures we are going to sculpt :-) For example, in our setting there is no black powder (there are gem powered magic blast weapons) but rules for black powder weapons and cannons will be provided just the same.
  Re: shaving Date: 05/23/2015  
From: andrea sfiligoi
Jeffery Baker, some shave to show that they are outcast. Some ex-miners use a small pick-styled hairpin to keep beards and hair in braids - this is an insulting gesture towards their Miners enemies. This is going to be a special character. Most other outcasts have some sort of beard and hair. It will be varied. We will also have a whole faction of undead dwarves that I'm sure are going to be popular for roleplaying games, and also for players of other games who want to spruce up existing undead armies with an unusual unit or two.
  Reply Date: 07/20/2015  
From: Jonathan Tilbury
I would like to see the new miniatures with all stone weapons or veary strange weapons so the stand out like clubs made from dragon jawbones!
  Reply Date: 07/25/2015  
From: Andrew Chicco
Hi Andrea, I think it looks great - I'll definitely back the new KS, more miniatures for the 'Song Rules' are always good.
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