Our First Kickstarter Date: 01/05/2015  

Ganesha Games and Damon Richardson are starting a crowdfunding campaign to produce miniatures and rulebook for Fightin' Fungi, a Song of Blades and Heroes compatible rulebook with lots of new rules.

Here are the core figures that will be produced:

These 'core 6' miniatures have already been sculpted and are just waiting for your support to go into production.   Below is a picture of the finished sculpts.


We are utilizing the talented sculptor, Micah Nichols, to bring these wonderful fungoid creations to life in 28mm.

The miniatures will be cast by a reputable company in the UK.  This should be good news to backers in Europe, because they will have their rewards shipped directly from the UK which should help avoid any 'Surprise' customs fees. 


Fightin' Fungi will also be a stand-alone rulebook based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes(SOBH) skirmish game. Gamers who are new to SOBH will find an award-winning, complete, easy to use system which lets you play a battle in 45 minutes to an hour, and a mini-campaign or tournament in a long afternoon. Old fans of the game will find enough new materials for them to expand and bring new elements to their existing games of SOBH. Completely back-compatible with other SOBH books, Fightin' Fungi will include Reactions (an action system which lets a force interrupt the opponent's turn whenever a foe misses a Quality roll), optional weapon rules to represent flails, long weapons and so on, and a bolt-on spell system which can be used instead of the less detailed magic system of basic SOBH. Full stats for all figures and a few suggested opponents (invading humans, neighboring wood elves and the ever-present goblinoids) will be provided so new and old gamers can start playing immediately -- just add any figures you already have to the ones produced in this Kickstarter.

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